Chatwoot release notes
Chatwoot release notes






✨ Measure customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys

When a conversation is closed, the system will automatically send a message to the user to rate the conversation and provide feedback. The survey is completely optional. The survey response is used to calculate customer satisfaction reports.

Note: This is available on the live-chat channel only now. We will add support for the rest of the channels in future releases.


Reports: A report will be generated based on the responses received, and you can see the satisfaction score, response rate, and individual feedback. In addition, you can use a date filter to see the response received in the last seven days, 30 days, three months, etc.

  • Satisfaction score: The percent of positive responses received (😀 or 😍)
  • Response rate: The number of responses received / total surveys sent.


✨ Delete messages

If you have made an error or have included sensitive data in the messages, or to comply with data deletion requests, you can now delete the messages sent to the user. On each message, there will be an option to delete the message.


✨ Drag and drop attachments

To make it easier to add an image or an attachment, we have added the option drag and drop files to conversations.

✨ Custom date range in reports

Along with the preset date ranges, you can now select custom date ranges in the reports.


Thanks to @anew-bhav, @srameshr, @mrunalselokar for the contributions.






We have released a version v1.17.0 with the following updates

🤖 Dialogflow integration

Chatbots are an essential part of every customer service platform. If you have many conversations happening in your account, scaling human support might not be effective. You could deploy a chatbot that helps answer trivial questions and hand it off to an agent when necessary. We have created a native integration with Dialogflow in the release so that it is easier for your to connect your bots.


🏷 Tag a contact using a label

You can now tag a contact with a label from the contact sidebar. This allows you to segment your contacts easily.


✨ "Assign to me" button

We have often received the request to make it easier for an agent to take ownership of a contact. In this release, we have added a button to make the self-assignment easier than ever.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 6.07.42 PM.png

⚡️ Insert canned responses anywhere in the editor

Earlier canned responses were available only at the start of the content. Now you can use / slash command anywhere in the editor.


🛠 Other improvements

  • Added Client APIs for API Channel. You can now build custom clients for the API channel.
  • Added the ability to run Chatwoot as an API only server.
  • Added the ability to disable the email collect box on the widget.
  • Fixed privilege validations for API endpoints.
  • Improvements in the web widget campaigns.
  • Fixed emails sent in the wrong translation.
  • Added strong passwords as a requirement.
  • Added the ability to specify bot as a sender of the message.
  • Retain focus after sending a message.
  • Added support for Polish(pl) language.

Thanks to @aniravi24, for the contributions.

v1.16.2 - Hotfix

Addresses the issue in the v1.16.1 release which resulted in a loop of campaign API calls






We have released a new version v1.16.1 with the following updates.

Campaigns in live-chat widget

We now support campaigns in the live-chat widget. You can create outbound messages based on the URL and the time user has spent on the page.

live-chat campaigns.jpg


  • The current conversation layout supports only one conversation thread, so the campaign would be executed only once. We will support multiple conversations on the widget in the upcoming releases which would solve this issue.
  • Support for the contact attributes like country/city/company would be available in future releases.
  • Email request bot will not function for now with campaigns, we will fix this in the future.

Improved UX for adding labels to the conversation

You can now search for a label and add/remove it right from the right sidebar.


Sort contacts

Sort contacts using the name, email, phone_number and last activity time.


Other changes

  • Added APIs for Integration Hooks.
  • Upgraded chart.js, added more date range options to the reports.
  • Added a fix to handle email with no subject line or body.
  • Added font-display: swap to fix reported issue with Lighthouse audits.
  • Added a fix to clear search input while navigating to another tab/page.
  • Show agent availability status in conversation assignee list.
  • [developer experience] Added Storybook to document the component list in Chatwoot.
  • Added APIs & components for CRM feature.

Thanks to Suraj Rajput(@surajput32), Pranjal Kushwaha(@pranjal0819), Niklas Haug(@niklashaug)

v1.15.1 - Security hotfix





This release includes a security fix to a reported XSS vulnerability that allowed agents to make an XSS attack against other admins/agents.

The fix included upgrading the dependant library v-tooltip and disable the HTML rendering of agent names.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix the bug to resolve the identity of the user via phone number in Twilio inboxes.
  • Add a new API to resolve the assignable agents in a particular inbox.
  • Fix reset password error message and default it to the server returned response.
  • Upgrade ssri to fix CVE-2021-27290.
  • Fix minor UI glitches.

New languages introduced in the release

  • Chinese (zh-CN)
  • Norwegian (no)
  • Hungarian (hu)






We have released v1.15.0 with the following updates.

Ability to create outbound Conversations

Now you can send outbound message to your contacts in your SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Website Live chat inboxes in Chatwoot. You can select the "New Conversation" button in the contact sidebar and start sending messages.


Other Improvements

  • Added the ability to send template messages in WhatsApp inbox.
  • Improved email rendering for HTML emails.
  • Ability to transfer conversation back to Bot from UI.
  • Fix SMTP config and standardize the variables.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Thanks to @srameshr for the contributions

v1.14.2 - Hotfix





Fixes the bug that prevents new conversations from appearing in realtime on the dashboard in some cases.

v1.14.1 - Bugfix





Squishing some of the bugs from our previous release.

  • Fixed issue with email config in containers
  • Hide pre-chat form for sessions initiated with setUser
  • fixes sidebar filters getting reset on the conversations page






We have released v1.14.0 with the following updates.

Ability to organize agents into teams

With this release, we are making it even easier to collaborate with your teammates. Agents can now be organized teams. Conversations can be assigned to a team to share ownership.

Business hours for the website widget

Chatwoot now lets you control the availability shown on the chat widget to be based on predefined business hours. This lets you communicate with your customer on when they can expect a reply.

Other improvements

  • Audio alerts on new messages in the dashboard
  • Enhanced conversational search UI
  • Email channel enabled for all accounts
  • New account Onboarding flow
  • Support more SMTP providers
  • UI to create new contacts in CRM
  • Improved ubuntu installation flow

Thanks to @sivin-git, @iriseden, @ankurp, @RicardoRamirezR, @prathamesh-sonpatki for the contributions






We have released v1.13.0 with the following updates.

Use @mentions to tag users in a private note

If you want to collaborate with your teammates internally about a conversation, you can use @mentions in the private note. The tagged users would get an email/push notification about the conversation.


Pre Chat Form

Use the pre-chat form feature to capture information about the users before they initiate a chat with your team.


Other improvements

  • Notification center on the web
  • Added APIs to bulk import contacts
  • Save editor preferences to the user
  • Support for incoming audio messages, play audio inside Chatwoot itself.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

New Languages

  • Norwegian

Thanks to @kgdev, @freddii, @karthik-sivadas, @lgezyxr, @srameshr, @sivin-git for the contributions