Chatwoot release notes
Chatwoot release notes


We have released v1.15.0 with the following updates.

Ability to create outbound Conversations

Now you can create outbound conversations in your SMS, Whatsapp and Email inboxes in chatwoot

Other Improvements

  • Ability to send template messages in WhatsApp inbox
  • SMTP config fixes
  • Improved email rendering for HTML emails
  • Ability to transfer conversation back to Bot from UI
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

Thanks to @srameshr for the contributions

v1.14.2 - Hotfix

Fixes the bug that prevents new conversations from appearing in realtime on the dashboard in some cases.

v1.14.1 - Bugfix

Squishing some of the bugs from our previous release.

  • Fixed issue with email config in containers
  • Hide pre-chat form for sessions initiated with setUser
  • fixes sidebar filters getting reset on the conversations page


We have released v1.14.0 with the following updates.

Ability to organize agents into teams

With this release, we are making it even easier to collaborate with your teammates. Agents can now be organized teams. Conversations can be assigned to a team to share ownership.

Business hours for the website widget

Chatwoot now lets you control the availability shown on the chat widget to be based on predefined business hours. This lets you communicate with your customer on when they can expect a reply.

Other improvements

  • Audio alerts on new messages in the dashboard
  • Enhanced conversational search UI
  • Email channel enabled for all accounts
  • New account Onboarding flow
  • Support more SMTP providers
  • UI to create new contacts in CRM
  • Improved ubuntu installation flow

Thanks to @sivin-git, @iriseden, @ankurp, @RicardoRamirezR, @prathamesh-sonpatki for the contributions


We have released v1.13.0 with the following updates.

Use @mentions to tag users in a private note

If you want to collaborate with your teammates internally about a conversation, you can use @mentions in the private note. The tagged users would get an email/push notification about the conversation.


Pre Chat Form

Use the pre-chat form feature to capture information about the users before they initiate a chat with your team.


Other improvements

  • Notification center on the web
  • Added APIs to bulk import contacts
  • Save editor preferences to the user
  • Support for incoming audio messages, play audio inside Chatwoot itself.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

New Languages

  • Norwegian

Thanks to @kgdev, @freddii, @karthik-sivadas, @lgezyxr, @srameshr, @sivin-git for the contributions

v1.12.2 - Hotfix

prosemirror-schema tarball were broken due to new update. This release fixes the installation flow for Caprover and Heroku by using git instead tarball.


There was an error with DB migrations in Heroku deployments. After identifying the reason behind the crash, a fix was deployed.


We have released v1.12.0 with the following updates.

Rich content Support in Chatwoot Messages & Emails

Screenshot_2021-01-20 Chatwoot.png

The editor supports rich content like bold, italics, links, lists etc. It natively supports markdown format.

Preview attachments before sending

Screenshot_2021-01-20 Chatwoot(1).png

The editor now displays a preview of the attachment before sending it so that you can confirm that you have attached the document.

Pending Message State

To provide an immediate feedback on message, a pending message state has been added in the latest release.


Onboarding Flow for self-hosted Installations

Installation would not run seed scripts now, it would ask you to setup an account on the initial load.

Screenshot_2021-01-25 SuperAdmin Chatwoot.png

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Identity Verification for WebWidget

Webwidget supports HMAC verification natively. To disallow impersonation and to keep the conversation with your customers private, we recommend setting up the identity validation in Chatwoot. Identity validation is enabled by generating an HMAC(hash based message authentication code) based on the identifier attribute, using SHA256. Along with the identifier you can pass identifier_hash also as shown below to make sure that the user is correct one.

Read more about it here

Ability to manage your Support Email Inbox (threaded replies)

Support emails can be viewed in Chatwoot now. You would be able to create an Email Channel in Chatwoot and forward your support emails to the Chatwoot inbox.

Performance Improvements

To improve the concurrent conversation creation, the display_id generation logic is moved to DB triggers. Thanks to @sorumehta for the improvement.

New APIs

  • Platform APIs
  • API to delete messages
  • API to add labels to contacts

New languages

  • Added support for Swedish

Thanks to @sorumehta, @gucci-ninja for the contributions


This is a hotfix release.

Some of the users reported an issue that the sidebar is not displaying the contact/conversation details. This release is an immediate fix for that.

Cause:- The old contact additional attributes are initialized with a null value rather than empty JSON which triggered the error.


We have released v1.11.0 with the following updates.

Ability to detect contact location

You can now save the IP address and location of the contact by enabling the ip_lookup feature. Chatwoot uses Maxmind DB for identifying the location, you can set it up using this guide to enable IP logging.

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Chatwoot(1).png Sidebar updated with location

Agent Productivity reports

We have added support for the agent productivity reports. You will be to see a report in the following format

Agent name Conversations count Avg first response time (Minutes) Avg resolution time (Minutes)
agent-name count avg-time avg-time

Search contacts using the phone number

You will now be able to search a contact via their phone number in the UI and in the API

Ability to set Installation wide default language

You can now set DEFAULT_LOCALE. If the variable is set, all non-authenticated pages would fallback to this locale and whenever a new account is created, the default language will DEFAULT_LOCALE be instead of en.

Other updates

  • Set up dev environments with GitHub codespaces
  • Improvements in the typing indicator
  • Limit file types that can be attached to images, videos and PDF files
  • Added the ability for external systems to authenticate users into chatwoot using tokens
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

The languages which are newly added to the release

  • Danish
  • Korean
  • Czech
  • Turkish
  • Finnish
  • Indonesian

Thanks to @azyzio, @hiaselhans, @vishal-pandey, @troscoe, @timcowlishaw, @mike9011, for the contributions